Baikal Buryat Center for Indigenous Cultures (BBCIC)

Mission statement

Cultural rights of Indigenous Peoples, environmental protection, biodiversity conservation (with focus on totem animals and aboriginal breeds of domestic animals), revival of traditional knowledge, practices and spirituality.

Field of expertise
  • Biocultural Conservation
  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Education
  • Traditional Foodways


Maria Azhunova – Executive Director
Rinchin Garmaev – Project Director
Alexander Khamaganov – Project Director

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Conservation of culture of Indigenous Peoples of the Lake Baikal region

Baikal Buryat Center for Indigenous Cultures works on conservation of culture of Indigenous Peoples of the Lake Baikal region, environmental protection, biodiversity conservation (focusing on totem animals), revival of traditional knowledge and practices, and spirituality. BBCIC has initiated and implemented a number of projects and legislative initiatives aimed at legal protection of Buryat sacred sites. BBCIC is active in mobilizing local indigenous communities for protection of their sacred sites, revival of oral epic heritage, traditional ways of life and food culture. Activities include program on aboriginal cattle breed revival, revival of totem animals, educational programs, information and awareness building through videography of traditional practices and stories, traditional food recipes and food processing technologies.

BBCIC organizes indigenous exchanges with sister nations of indigenous communities. BBCIC is now working on the bio-cultural commons initiative focused on traditional nomadic pastoralism practices and restoration of aboriginal domestic animal species.

BBCIC was established with the aim of preserving the cultural and ecological heritage of our ancestors. With modern technical (media) capabilities and a new vision we can preserve heritage created by our ancestors, who have been living in harmony with nature for centuries. Through the project “Nomadic School of Creativity”, we preserve the language and traditions of Buryats. Through life and practice, we restore the forgotten connections of man with nature. We work in space, uniting the nomadic world of Eurasia. Our mission is to transfer the knowledge of Mother Nature to next generations.

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