• Nicolas Villaume – Peru and Profile picture of Tunga Khuukhenduu - MongoliaTunga Khuukhenduu – Mongolia are now friends 1 year, 7 months ago

    • Dear Nico, You did such a great job.
      I have not been used our platform till now due to my lack of knowledge about the program. I did not know friend requests on this program.
      Just got it. So sorry for that. I will need to more explore the platform.

      • Hi Tunga! How are you doing? Great to receive a message from you via the platform! 🙂
        Yes we need to do a proper training for the group to be able to know the platform better and how to use it.
        We did a couple of tutorial video that I shared with the group some time ago, hope you could consult them let me know.
        Also we published a very nice story on Zaparkul exploring the old caves in france in search of the Snow Leopard.
        Still need to publish some more material from mongolia, we will keep working on those.
        You are the first and only person to have used the message system yet thank you! 😉
        Take care,

    • Thank you so much Nico