Golden interweave of human - Nature - Culture

Conserving the golden interweave of human-nature-culture through traditional nomadic knowledge for the protection of nature and snow leopards.

Science – Snow Leopards – Community-based Conservation

Ensuring snow leopard survival and conserving mountain landscapes by expanding environmental awareness and sharing innovative practices through community stewardship and partnerships.

Community based wildlife monitoring - Environmental - Education

To contribute to Mongolia’s biodiversity conservation through improving a community education, and engaging community participation for conservation activities.

Research - Cultural Summer Camp - Traditional Knowledge - Natural Resources Management

Rural Development Fund is a not-for- profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization established in 2003 to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities related to rural development in Kyrgyzstan.

Traditional knowledge about wild animals - History of the Pamir-ethnography - Environment

Public association “Kuhhoi Pomir” is registered in Administration of justice of GBAO in Khorog notarial office on 21st April 2014 based on reorganized organization “Social Foundation” (SF)“Pamir.” It functions on funds of promoters fees, donations of citizens and corporations, grants from international humanitarian organizations and countries partners with Tajikistan, from conducting charitable, entertaining, cultural, sport and other mass events, lottery and auctions, and also from own incomes received from business activity. The income received is used for activity expansion.

Environment Education - Workshops - Publishing Books - Mobilizing Local Communities

For the last ten years Taalim-Forum is promoting eco-education in schools and local communities of Kyrgyzstan. The work includes teachers’ trainings, workshops, summer schools, developing methodologies and interdisciplinary courses, publishing books, and organizing eco-actions.

Indigenous Elders - Big Cat and sacred species conservation - Indigenous Science and Research... Indigenous Mind educational programs - Indigenous dreamwork

“Earth Wisdom and Change” guides WISN’s activities in its overall mission of creating global healing for humanity and its relationship to embodied knowledge.

Photography – Multimedia – Exhibitions - Culture – Environment

Producing multi-media cross platforms to support cultural empowerment and environmental consciousness.