Association for Protection of Altai Cultural Heritage

Mission statement

Conserving the golden interweave of human-nature-culture through traditional nomadic knowledge for the protection of nature and snow leopards.

Field of expertise
  • Golden interweave of human
  • Nature
  • Culture


Head of the Association & shaman Buyanbadrakh Erdenetsogt

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Publié par Altai Heritage Mongolia sur dimanche 22 octobre 2017

We support the transmission of traditional knowledge, cultural heritage and customs of the indigenous people and herders to future generations by organizing international meetings and fire ceremonies at various locations in Mongolia. The fire ceremony and conference “Protection of Nature and Snow Leopard” held in 2016 brought together guardians of sacred sites and traditional cultural heritage from Mongolia, Kyrgyz Repubic, Tajikistan, and the Russian republics of Altai, Buryatia and Khakassia. In 2015 we began a process to inscribe Sutai Mountain in western Mongolia to the UNESCO World Heritage List, and with the support of the Mongolian government added the sacred site to the Tentative List. In 2017, with the cooperation of WWF-Mongolia, we produced a music video of a snow leopard tribute song.

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