Nomadic Nature Conservation

Main mission statement

To contribute to Mongolia’s biodiversity conservation through improving a community education, and engaging community participation for conservation activities.

Field of expertise
  • Community based wildlife monitoring
  • Environmental
  • Education  


Tungalagtuya Khuukhenduu


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Preserving Mongolia’s biodiversity

Our mobile education program “Nomadic Nature Trunk” provides critically-needed natural science and conservation education to communities and schools in and around protected areas throughout Mongolia. This traveling classroom-in-a-box is designed to provide a creative learning environment that encourages total community engagement and participatory-based training. The trunk includes activities materials such as puppets, posters, maps, animal tracks, books and games focused on region-specific biodiversity and conservation concerns. NNC’s newest program, Herder Visit, allows visitors to learn about traditional Mongolian lifestyles through authentic experiences with rural herders and gain an understanding of and appreciation for traditional nomadic Mongolian culture. At the same time, the program supports rural herder families by supplementing their income and enabling them to sustain their traditional livelihoods in a way that conserves the natural resources on which they depend.

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